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Having been a freelance artist for almost a decade now, primarily working in the modelling industry I've had the fantastic opportunity to work with a wide range of photographers and other creative directors. 


I'm a very passionate person, bringing enthusiasm and creativity to my professional work, striving to deliver the very best results on each and every project whether that be sculpting myself in amongst a landscape or performing on stage.


Expression is a great motivator for me and I thoroughly enjoy portraying a variety of characters and genres on set. I'm most often booked for figurative work, portraiture, fashion and glamour, though I also have experience in SFX/body paint, dance, aerial and partner-acro styles amongst others. Working with photographers, painters and sculptors has given me a diverse skill set and I'm always happy to discuss project concepts.


I have a slim, athletic build with no tattoos or body modifications, I often have natural underarm hair (which can be removed upon request) and maintain pubic hair at all times. I enjoy accessorising with jewellery and have a selection of wigs to drastically alter my appearance.

Whilst I'm based in the UK, I frequently travel internationally, often curating tours to ensure adequate time to get to know a place and work with multiple people. I'm incredibly grateful for the freedom modelling has to offer and the ability to explore so much of the world whilst doing something I love! I also run my own events from time to time and am happy to model for workshops and events run by others. Please see my travel schedule or sign up to my mailing list for up to date information on when I'll next be in your area or get in touch to discuss a booking. 

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